iStory : digital factory

iStory : a digital factory for the realization and the development of publications (magazines and business tools) compatible with the functionalities of iPad and Android digital tablets. These digital publications stand out through their extreme interactivity (movies, audio and video interviews, music, sounds, slideshows, 360° animations, scrolling texts) and their mobile connectivity (web, links with social networks, emails and possibility to send pdf files). Unlimited multimedia resources combined on a same platform. Explore the endless possibilities offered by a new generation of digital editions with iStory : digital factory.

Swiss Stuff
digital book for valorizing
Swiss Products!

Swiss Stuff : couverture Swiss Stuff : sommaire Swiss Stuff : canton Swiss Stuff : Victorinox Swiss Stuff : Mondaine Swiss Stuff : Mondaine

Swiss Stuff introduces the quality of Swiss work, highlights this unique savoir-faire and contributes to the image of excellence of Swiss Products.

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Swiss Stuff

The Mirabaud Digital Magazine

In addition of its unique and ergonomically design and its multimedia interactive contents, the Mirabaud Digital Magazine is at the cutting edge of technology and build on the latest digital edition innovations.

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Digital Magazine